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The following terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) apply to all participants (Participant) in the Mountain Bike Coaching Brisbane (MBCB) Events including training programs (Event). The Terms and Conditions must be accepted before the Participant will be allowed to partake in the Event. Events include skills and fitness sessions, training programs and other sessions provided by MBCB. 

 By accepting you warrant and represent to MBCB that you: 

  • declare that you are authorised to accept the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions as the named Participant. If the Participant is under the age of 18 you acknowledge that you consent on their behalf and that you are legally able to make this consent on their behalf; 

  • have carefully read and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions; 

  • acknowledge and accept that cycling and mountain biking carries a degree of risk of injury; 

  • agree that I, the Participant, will obey all the MBCB rules, directions and decisions of all coaches, officials and assistants (Coach) whilst they are participating in the Event; 

  • agree to the terms and conditions for participation in the Event; 

  • hereby authorise the Coach to act on my behalf should I require medical attention, and release MBCB and the Coach from any liability for injury incurred by my participation in the Events conducted by MBCB and the Coach. 

  • acknowledge that MBCB recommends health insurance; hospital and ambulance cover for all Participants; 

  • hereby release and forever discharge each of MBCB, and their officers, directors, employees, agents and contractors and sponsors, from any and all claims, suits, demands, expenses, costs, actions and proceedings of any nature whatsoever including negligence, which I, the Participant, my executors or administrators, the Participant's executors or administrators, or any other person has or might assert against any of them arising from, in relation to, incidental to or by virtue of any injury, loss or damage suffered or sustained in connection with participation in the Event or at any time when near the Event. 

  • hereby indemnify and hold harmless, and shall keep indemnified and held harmless, each of MBCB, their Coaches, their officers, directors, agents, contractors and sponsors from and against all claims, suits, demands, expenses, costs, actions and proceedings of any nature whatsoever arising from, in relation to or by virtue of: (1) Any injury, loss or damage sustained by the Participant (2) Any injury, loss or damage suffered by any other person as a result of any act, omission, neglect or default on my part, in connection with my participation in the Event at any time when the Participant is near the Event. 

  • agree to wear an Australian Standards approved cycling helmet whilst riding a bike at all times during this period. 

  • agree that I am responsible for my personal accident insurance, ambulance cover and any medical costs not covered under MBCB’s insurance policy. 

  • agree that the services provided by MBCB are strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party without express written consent of MBCB, including but not limited to, the materials provided to me by MBCB, the techniques and methodologies used by MBCB.  

You further warrant and represent to MBCB that: 

  • You are in good physical condition and have no medical condition, complaint, impairment or ailment that will prevent you from participating in the Event or that will be detrimental to your health, safety or physical condition or the health, safety or physical condition of others while participating in an Event or while at or near the Event. 

  • You understand that no refunds are available for the Event.  

  • You have reviewed the advertised schedule for the Event of your choice and are aware of the scheduled session dates, times and venues that the Event is being delivered. 

  • The Event sessions are not transferable or exchangeable and you understand that should you miss one or more of the scheduled Event sessions that no additional sessions will be provided by MBCB.  Further, there will be no refund of registration fees or credits given where a session is missed by you for whatever reason. 

  • You agree to allow your photograph, video, audio recordings, multimedia or film likeness to be used in the media and by MBCB, or assigns for the purposes of promoting MBCB, the Event and/or cycling. 

  • MBCB has a privacy policy and the information that is provided through this application process is necessary for the provision of the Event.  You acknowledge and agree that the information provided will be used by MBCB to facilitate the conduct of the Event and may be disclosed to third parties to advance the objects of MBCB.  If the information is not provided the application to participate in the Event may be rejected.    

  • You acknowledge that MBCB may also use your personal information for the purposes of providing you with promotional material from MBCB.  You may advise MBCB that you do not wish to receive promotional materials from MBCB. 

  • You acknowledge that some venues MBCB may from time to time utilise for Events may require you to have a Covid Vaccination and you declare that if to participate at these venues you can and will provide such proof of the same to MBCB and or the venue owner or its management. Furthermore you acknowledge that failure to do so will exclude you from participating in sessions at such venues.

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