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The down low on dropper posts.

The often misunderstood dropper post is finding its way onto more and more new bikes these days, yet so many people don’t use them.

Having said that when we coach good technique many often say they wish they had one.

So how do they help? By increasing your range of movement on the bike and letting you get lower.

Why is that it important?

Many manoeuvres in mountain biking your largest mass (your hips and trunk) is used to transfer weight onto different areas of the bike. The further you can move it the more effective some movements can become. Eg- a manual.

A dropper can be especially assisting if you have shorter you limbs or less flexibility as it will help increase your range of movement on the bike.

How are they activated?

When they first came out they were a lever on the seat. The only way to go now is a thumb lever on the bars. You don’t even move your hand on the grip of you are set up right. And if it’s well adjusted it will be super light to activate. My latest is wireless and is activated by the push of an electronic button!!

How do you use it?

It’s the last thing you do before going into attack position. It’s particularly useful in manoeuvres requiring more extreme weight transfer or greater range of movement like steep drops or sharp corners.

When do I put it back up?

As soon as you have finished with the need to stand on the pedals, the last thing you do before sitting is put it back up. Simples!!

So yes it’s a skill to be able to use one. Next time on the trails if you don’t use your dropper, give it a go. Start with the habit of thinking each time you stand on you pedals, drop the dropper then stand. Each time you then go to sit, first put it up.

Happy trails and start dropping that dropper!

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Thanks for that tip. Bruno.

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