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10 tips to maintain or regain your cycling mojo.

1. Join a ride group. There is no more a sustaining motivating factor than riding with others (and socialising is good for your mental health also!)

2. Do a skills course. Not only will you refresh you skills to keep you safe, it will be a great confidence booster plus you can meet others that may of similar ability and fitness as potential riding buddies.

Set some ride related goals. These can be events, being able to ride a certain distance or maybe just a certain trail.

Ride a new location. Hitting some trails new to you can be a great adventure to motivate you along.

New bike day. Although a more expensive option compared to some others, it’s a great way to kick back into riding if you have been absent for some time. You will also gain any benefits of recent bike evolution and hopefully avoid any mechanical issues early in your return.

If a new bike is not in your budget perhaps a more affordable version is a new piece of kit. A new shirt, set of tyres, grips or perhaps a refreshed helmet might be just the thing to give you a boost.

Find yourself a favourite local coffee shop, with a promise to do the riding first! A post ride protein hit will be a good recovery solution.

Get a training program. These are great to give you targets to hit, especially when you have one with a coach to be accountable to.

Try a theragun (massage device) as a recovery tool. If you feel more recovered you will be more likely to continue to ride. (Or maybe just focus on a good nights sleep!)

Stretch and foam roll. This not only loosens those tight muscles relieving aches and pains but will help prevent injuries plus help make more power!

So there you go. We hope you found an idea or two to rekindle your fire 🔥. If all else fails just get out there and get into it. There is no better motivation than just a bit of good old will power. Come on, you got this!

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