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Shimano Sphyre Sunnies review.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I was fortunate enough to try a pair of these recently. There is always something special about a fresh set of factory clean crystal clear lenses.

The sunnies came with a hard case that houses a spare lense, in this case for low light situations together with a microfibre soft case which doubles as a cleaning cloth. There was also a spare nose piece included which is something I have found is handy to replace over time, especially if you use sunscreen on your face often which seems to break the rubber down. The lenses have a clip on surround which serves an aesthetic purpose mainly however I prefer that unobstructed vision feel so preferred to leave these off for that frameless feel.

The lense has excellent coverage and cuts down the glare very well. They sat securely on my face almost like they moulded my head shape and were comfortable when in place, even with a helmet. The only issue I found was the hard arm ends dug into my head when I poked them into the front of my road helmet when I wanted to store them when not wearing them. I found they poked back into my Giro mtb helmet perfectly, so is just the combination with my helmet style. (Good buying tip for helmet and sunnies is make sure they are compatible if you store them poked in like me).

The reflective lense look super cool however don’t have a high scratch resistance. Having said that I’m yet to find anyone who has made a reflective scratch resistant lense. The frames come in different colours also but I’m a fan of the black with the metallic fleck which go with everything.

I tend to leave home on my bike in the dark at this time of year (it’s mid winter now) and like to leave home with my sunnies on so my eyes don’t dry out, so a pair of the photo chromatics (which they do!) would be super handy at this time of year.

These are the kind of sunnies you forget you have on when you wear them. To me, that’s the sign of a great set of sunnies. I rate them. 👌🏼


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