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How good are bike wraps?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

It all started with new bike day. A 2021 TCR Pro0 with a popping factory chameleon blue paint job. Within two weeks I had managed to chip a piece of paint off a chain stay at a post ride South Bank coffee shop visit. I have received more damage at coffee shops than I have riding my bikes. (I will say my local does have a FeedbackSports bike rack and it fills every morning. Take note coffee shop owners!)

Anyway, I set about investigating a solution and came across Bunny Wrap who did clear wraps to protect your frame. After looking on their webpage and them talking to the guys there it became apparent the sky is the limit with what you can do with these wraps. I sent off a verbal brief to Peter and within days he had nailed the design and overlaid it on a TCR so I could get a feel for it. Being a new model bike, I took a few easy measurements and sent them down to the lads and not too long after a complete wrap kit arrived at my door complete with paper templates, precut panels, plastic squeegee, hobby knife and set of instructions.

I set about putting the bike in the work shop stand that really made the job easier, drop out the wheels, chain and unbolted the brake callipers. An optional item I decided to remove also were the cranks. I found to drop the forks down 10mm whilst remaining in the bike also made it easier.

Next task was to wash the bike down then (after leaving a day to dry) got into applying the wrap. I was impressed by how easy the wrap was to install. The Bunny Hop guys can do a supply and install but I was keen to give this a go. The material becomes flexible upon applying heat (much to daughters disgust as I used her hair dryer). The paper templates were also useful to lay things out and check how it works before applying the wrap parts.

The graphic capabilities of a wrap are seemingly endless. I was able to mimic the original branding of the Giant TCR, promote some sponsors and display a few elements from my National Team duties. To do that with paint would have been very difficult and expensive. I can also remove it when I’m ready to either go again or sell the bike with it’s perfectly intact original paint job.

If you want something a little different an or to protect your valuable steed, have a look at what the Bunny Hop guys can do. They have some super cool graphics of their own or you can design your own!

Status update February 2021. The wrap has been on the bike for just over 6 months now, so it’s a good time for an update on how it’s performing.

One thing is for sure it has protected my frame well. I have had no coffee shop induced or any other damage for that matter. ✅

The wrap colours are still bright and unfaded. ✅

I did have one small section lift where I had stretched fairly hard when originally fitting. Upon reheating the lifted section it reactivated the adhesive and it stuck back down and it has stayed there since. ✅

Im pleased to say I’m now imagining what the next wrap will be. Is it too soon for a design refresh??🤔 I guess when they are so cheap you can do these things. 😁👍🏼

For a 10% discount use the code: MarkBunnyHop10

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