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Who is a Training Program for?

A Training program is for anyone who wants to improve their fitness or achieve better race results. It doesn't matter your current fitness or what type of bike you ride. The program is tailored to your previous training history and current level of fitness gradually building on where you currently are. The programs are flexible to your available time, equipment and preferred riding style (mtb, road, CX, gravel).

We use Training Peaks as the platform to log and communicate workouts which has the ability for you to provide your coach feedback too, by either star ratings or directly messaging them feedback after the workout (via your mobile or desktop). From there if required the program can be adjusted by your coach weekly, up or down as required to take your feedback into account to ensure it is working best for you. Keep in mind that the faster you want results, the harder your workouts will need to be! Also keep in mind that you are not invincible, so results can sometimes take a little time. There will need to be recovery time built into the program also. After all, that is when you body gains the benefits not during the workout itself.

Can I have races or other events in my program?

Absolutely! Our programs are custom written by experienced coaches that coach at up to a National elite level. They can even help you identify potential races that may be good events as milestones on the path to your main game! Its all about what you want to achieve.

Will you need any information about me before we start?

Yes. In order for your coach to see where you are at on your riding journey we will send you a questionnaire to gain some knowledge about you. This will include how much time you want to dedicate to training, your goals, events you would like to target (or we can make suggestions if it desired). We will want to know if you have any specific goals for within these events (eg- just to finish or to finish first!) and prioritize these with you to ensure you arrive at these as fresh as required to perform. Upon setting up your Training Peaks account you can down load your data and assign your coach to your account which gives us a comprehensive training history. If you don't have this, that is fine also, we can discuss your history to get a feel for things that way.

What training equipment do I need for the monitoring for a training program?

For a training program to be most effective we monitor your training's intensity and duration. Using this method we can track your fitness and fatigue to forecast your body's predicted state. We use either heart rate or power zones (or both) to set intensity targets for the workouts and to measure your body's performance. As a minimum a heart rate monitor and bike computer /gps is an easy way to monitor and record this information. A power meter on the bike (not compulsory) in combination with a bike computer unit is another way (and whilst has more instant output information is generally more expensive to set up) to monitor your body's performance. Another benefit of the power meter is you don't have to remember to wear it. It is a permanent fixture on your bike. You just ride and the meter instantly captures your output.

If I don't have a bike computer or heart rate monitor what do you suggest?

If you do not have this equipment and would like to try such a set up, we would recommend a Garmin or Wahoo bike computer ( Eg Garmin 530 or Wahoo Element or Bolt) with a Wahoo or Garmin chest or arm strap heart rate monitor as a cost effective reliable starting point. This unit will wirelessly download your ride automatically upon completion making it very easy to provide info back to your coach easily (via a bluetooth or Wifi connected phone). You can also upload your workouts each week to the unit to have on screen guidance in relation to workout steps and intensity status which makes training on a stationary trainer easy to follow the intensity guides. There are other units that work with the "Training Peaks" software we use, this unit we just know works well with little user interface required (if you are looking to purchase such equipment for training).

When will I train?

As part of the program preparation we have a questionnaire for you to complete. Here we find out more about you, your goals, your training availability for each day of the week, the total hours you have available to train, the equipment you have to train on, what other training loads you have in your life etc. From here we can work out where you are now, where you want to go and how much time you have available to get there. So you train when you chose to.

How long is a program?

We have a minimum of 12 weeks, which is enough time for you begin to see results. You can extend the program after that period and continue to train on the path to achieving new or longer term goals. The programs are generally prepared for shorter periods at a time reviewing your data and outcomes and adjusting as required as your training and fitness evolves.

What are the costs for the program and coaches listed services associated to the program?

The cost is $780 for a 12 week program.

Your program is custom written every week by your coach. This allows for adjustments to be made for your changing fitness, sickness, fatigue or just life getting in the way. It also gives you more opportunity to provide feedback and to ask questions every week.

If you want that extra bit of motivation or contact time see the "On bike ride session with your coach " below.

On bike ride session with your coach.

These sessions are an option that some riders take for occasional higher face to face contact with their coach. The session benefits are many in that it gives you a chance to ensure you are interpreting the training sessions correctly, or have your coach there for your hardest session to motivate you along. Maybe you just want to work on some on bike skills or putting in a solid ride on the trails fine tuning areas as required.

What ever the reason, you can book as many of these sessions you feel necessary at this discounted rate of $110* (usually $125) for 90 minutes whilst you are a training program client. These can be selected in the registration section below as required. The time and place for these sessions can be discussed with your coach to be worked into both of your availability. 

Another great way to work on your on bike skills is to join one of the group session courses over and above your program. The courses we host are a great way to develop your skills and in a group is more cost effective. Ask your coach or see our Courses tab for more information on up coming events and how to book. 

Will there be communication with my coach?

Yes! This is an important aspect of the program process. Its not hard to just "tell someone to ride their bike" but the big advantage we offer is taking your feedback from the sessions and your resultant  training data and creating the best training plan going forward for you, given your current state and your time available. The feed back is as easy as a simple star rating on several items post workout, or you can message your coach via the Training Plan app post ride with a full down load of what went well and what didn't. This is recorded in the system which will keep on record how you felt or questions you had at that stage of your training. Your coach will then be able to respond as required through the system also which will drop their response to you in your dedicated training app email inbox. Having this interaction makes these types of custom programs so much more effective than a set and forget 12 week program which we find are generally not flexible, motivating nor responding to your evolving needs.

Are there any other costs outside of the program cost?

You will need to have a premium Training Peaks subscription which costs approx. $25 per month (may be subject to change over time however this is the approximate cost at the time of publishing this). This is the platform that we use to program and monitor your data and keep communications central. Training Peaks has a phone app also which makes interaction and communication of your scheduled rides super easy. Your rides upload automatically when you save on your bike computer and you can even down load the scheduled workouts to other platforms such as Zwift* (separate Zwift subscription required) which will automate the workout for you. Just get on and pedal!

Will I have access to my training data?

Yes! If you are a data boffin and want to see the fine detail, its all there in your Training Peaks account. You will be able to see all the data your coach has to work with. If data crunching is not for you that is fine also. Your coach is there is interpret the data and program your workouts from it. You don't even have to look at it, just ride and enjoy the training and guidance provided and feel the gains derived.

Can I train on any bike?

Yes. One of the benefits of the system we use is that you can achieve the planned work out on any type of bike, be it mountain, road, cyclocross or even a stationary trainer. Don't forget though, if you are training for a specific event you will want to train more often on the bike you will be using in the event (and you will need to have your heart rate monitor on or power meter of the bike paired to your bike computer).

Can I train in a group like my regular bunch ride?

Yes! If you have a regular bunch ride you want to keep going, we would not only incorporate it but would encourage it. If your ride is to be higher intensity it may be you spend more time on the front. If it is to be easier keep your turns on the front short. The social aspect of riding is one of the best things about riding a bike. Our focus is to keep it enjoyable which will help you sustain it.

There may be some workouts that are not possible to do as part of a bunch though so if you have a regular bunch ride day/s let us know and we can work around them to ensure you get what you need out of your training.

What if I miss a day of planned training?

Things happen, and life does not always go as planned. It may be possible to swap that workout to another day or if not, skip it and get on with life. Don't beat yourself up over it. Be mindful though the training results will pick up the missing session and it will be reflected in your results. If you miss too many training days your target fitness goal will start to slip away.

How do I sign up?

If you are ready for a training plan, contact us to advise and we can start the ball rolling. Please do this about a week before kicking off as it gives time to collect the info we need and to set up on Training Peaks. The12 week plan doesn't start until after these things are in place and you are fully ready to go. 

If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

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