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Private sessions are a perfect way to learn what you want, at a rate that suits you.

We offer these on a one on one basis right up to larger groups with multiple coaches. The more participants in the private group the cheaper per head it is. Why not grab a few mates and book in to work on those areas of your riding you have been feeling like could use some fine tuning? Alternatively, just use the time for a bit of quality focus on what you specifically need with a session one on one. Its your session, so make it what you want!

Private Session Fee Schedule

price table 1-1-22.jpg


1. Larger groups can be accommodated however costs above are per coach.

2. Maximum participant numbers per coach are 1:10.

3. Participants under the age of 18 must have a minimum of 3 participants if on the trails or a parent present if remaining in the open area 1:1. Parents can join to facilitate an on trail session however must be a paying participant of the session to do so.

4. Coaching location and times are to be agreed with your coaches at the time of booking your private sessions.

5. Payments for private sessions must be paid online prior to the session unless agreed otherwise with your coach.

6. Private sessions have a 90 minute minimum.

To book a Private session Contact us today or book online now.

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